Empower a teacher- enlighten a child

Imagine trying to explain the nature of different rock types to a pupil who has never in his life seen any rock formations. Or describing how a thermometer works, without a physical thermometer to illustrate the workings of the mercury in its bulb. Think about the powers of the magnifying glass, and the things it enables you to see-can you adequately convince a young mind that such exists when all they have seen is the looking glass. This is the dilemma that science teachers in the target communities in cyclone affected areas were faced with on a daily basis- with school supplies and infrastructure washed away by the Cyclone Idai.

As part of the emergency response, ZIRP delivered educational and learning supplies to schools to ensure delivery of quality education and continued learning. These included 500 school-in-a-box kits, 400 ECD kits, 39,680 bags, 300 recreational kits and 70 provisional classroom tents that were distributed to 134 schools in Chimanimani, Chipinge, Buhera, Mutare urban, Mutare rural, Bikita, Gutu, Mutasa, Chikomba

Amongst these are science kits which contain demonstrative thermometers, turbine wheels, air pressure demonstrators, optical and static electricity kits, and minerals, rocks and fossils. With this, teachers are equipped to teach better and students have the tools they need to learn effectively. 

The support given to the schools complements health interventions to protect learners, teachers and communities with hygiene kits and COVID-19 prevention messaging. 12 schools will also  be supported with new classroom blocks and staff accommodation. ZIRP will ensure  integrated, holistic, and sustainable solutions to reduce vulnerability and build resilience in the target communities.